Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Spitzer Mess

John Podhoretz sums it up well:

The fall of Eliot Spitzer offers a reminder, after two years of tawdry Republican scandals used to brilliant advantage by Democrats, that misbehavior by public officials knows no party. Too often, people find it difficult to separate their own ideas about politics from their moral expectations. Democrats and liberals slip far too easily into a conviction that the Republican and conservative focus on equality of opportunity and the benefits of the market is merely a cover for greed and power dominance. Republicans and conservatives, likewise, believe the Democratic and liberal elevation of the government’s role in solving social problems is merely a cover for a bottomless hunger to arrogate and centralize political power. They are not content to believe their opponents are wrong. Rather, they are sure their opponents think exactly the same way they do and, therefore, that they are acting from malign intent rather than from a different perspective on how the world works best.

Read the whole thing. Don't miss the last line.

H/t: Crunchy Con


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