Monday, March 3, 2008


Endorse: Second; give one's approval to.

In the Republican races, we all back certain candidates for our own (or no) reason. Here are my endorsements for the contested races in our precinct tomorrow.

President: Mike Huckabee. He took a state that was faltering and set it aright. Yes, he raised taxes, but only in order to provide what a state government should.

US Senator: John Cornyn. While I appreciate Larry Kilgore's opinions, I don't think he has the temperament of a Senator. John Cornyn has experience in all three branches of government, and has and will continue to ably represent Texans on the north side of the Capitol.

US Representative, District 3: Sam Johnson. He's a party man. And right now, in the minority, Republicans need to hang together.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4: Paul Womack. His experience on the highest criminal bench in Texas is a valuable asset. Let's keep him there.

State Representative, District 112: Randy Dunning. With Fred Hill's retirement, we can affect this seat for a long time with the election of a true grassroots conservative like Randy. I know he will do his best to do the right thing in all circumstances.

Criminal District Judge, Court #3: Bill Fay. Endorsed by the Dallas Morning News, Bill Fay will make an able judge in this courtroom.

Sheriff: Lowell Cannaday. As a retired officer, he won't put any department in a bind stepping up to take Lupe Valdez' place.

And on the proposals: Yes on all three. Local governments should not turn aside when they see a violation of federal law. We should know who you are for you to be able to vote. And those we elect should not be able to make for runaway growth without a check on their spending.

See you at the polls!


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