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Open Letter from Randy Dunning

There is a lot of false information about Randy being put out over radio and TV ads. I used to work with Randy when he and I were both at Nortel Networks. I have known him to be nothing but honest, forthright, and trustworthy. As you can see at the bottom of his letter, I have publicly endorsed him. I urge you to vote for him.

And now, in his own words...

An Open Letter From Randy Dunning

To the Voters of House District 112

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear Friends:

The recent and ongoing defamation of character attempt by my opponent's campaign has been rightly condemned by decent and honorable people throughout Richardson and Garland. For my part, as a husband and a father I will not stand idly by in the face of this attempt to smear my good name and exemplary record of conservative public service under an avalanche of fabrications, distortions, and hearsay. These negative ads say far more about the character of my opponent than they do about me.

Let me first say that the show of support from friends, supporters, and even strangers has been overwhelming. So many have called to express their outrage at these vicious attack ads and have asked how they can help. Donations to the campaign have increased. Garland City Councilman Preston Edwards, who knows my record very well, called to offer his endorsement. He joins Garland City Councilman Darren Lathen and Garland Mayor Ron Jones in endorsing me. Even a retired Assistant Chief of Police in Garland joined our list of many, many campaign volunteers.

I am providing you with my cell phone number (972/333-5744) because I want you to call me with any questions you may have about my record, views, or background. Ms. Button has chosen the lowest road of negative campaigning apparently based on nothing more than gossip and outright untruths. I'm counting on your sense of fairness and decency to see through these attacks and give me the chance to earn your vote based on the truth, which is what you will hear from me. I may not be able to return your call immediately, but I will return your call. The truth is, I am the only candidate to receive the overwhelming endorsements of the grass roots conservative leaders in our party, as well as from respected conservative organizations across Texas.[1]

My campaign has taken the high, straight, and narrow road by conscientiously restricting itself to using official U.S., Texas, and local government sources as well as mainstream media for comparing and contrasting my position and record with that of my opponent (the source of many of my opponents' charges are from the Dallas Observer, an ultra-liberal "alternative" newspaper). I challenge my opponent to abandon the mud and mire of negative politics and to join me on the high ground and elevate the debate to our respective public policy positions and our true record of public service and political activity. The good citizens of District 112 deserve nothing less.

Let me specifically address the facts of my record:

  • First, you should know that one of the key sources for many of the accusations made against me is Councilman Larry Jeffus, who uses his standing as a Garland City Councilman to attack me. What he fails to inform you, the voter, as well as the media, is that he is a paid political consultant to the Angie Chen Button campaign. In fact, he has been paid almost $28,000 in political consulting fees[2] by Ms. Button, and therefore has a vested financial interest in smearing my name.

  • Underscoring the insincerity and shallowness of these attacks, before she ran for office against me Mrs. Chen Button was a contributor to my campaign, and in fact issued the following endorsement:

"Please support Councilman Dunning for re-election. He cares deeply for your rights, and he voices effectively for your concerns." - Angie Chen Button, April 4, 2005

Furthermore, she contributed $250 to my last council campaign in 2005, long AFTER the incidents she and others allege in her smear campaign. She even went so far as to say to my wife and me just last August that while she would like to run for this seat, she would never run against such an "honorable good friend as Randy Dunning."

  • Ms. Button made an incredibly dishonest claim in her literature, trying to undermine my strong conservative record of fighting against tax increases. First, I'm the only candidate endorsed by the taxpayer watchdog group Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. I was the only NO vote on two city budgets because one budget had a tax increase and the other had an unnecessary increase in spending. Anyone who knows my record on Garland City Council knows I waged a battle to implement property tax relief and actually succeeded. There is so much more to be done, but it needs work at the state level. For example, I would like to protect those who have retired with fully paid off homes from the devastation of losing their primary homestead due to taxes. With these false attacks, perhaps Ms. Chen Button is trying to deflect attention from her failed record on behalf of taxpayers as a member of the DART audit committee, where she had oversight of a $900 million budget shortfall.

  • Regarding the 12 year old incident with a former employer: as a lawfully concealed carry license holder, I had a firearm locked in my vehicle, as I often frequented the indoor shooting range across the street from my office. Because I worked at a federal defense contractor during the reign of President Bill Clinton, opponents of concealed carry complained and I was terminated. (Several supervisors from that company support me and have contributed time and money to my campaigns for city council and State Representative). I went on to work with Nortel Networks for ten years before accepting a better position at Rockwell Collins in Richardson, one of the nation's premier defense contractors where I work today. I have a national security clearance and help design communication systems used by our military to defend our nation.

  • A council colleague threatened me, and yes, as a joke to try and diffuse the rancor I wore a bulletproof vest one time to a council work session - not an official meeting. If a respected Texas State Senator, after being called the "Prince of Darkness," can wear a "Darth Vader" uniform on the floor of the Texas Senate, surely this episode can be put in its proper context.

  • I am a product of public education, as is my wife Karen. I strongly support public schools. In fact, I have long been a champion of local control and educational freedom, an elected – not appointed - State Board of Education, and school choice to rescue students trapped in failing schools. I believe that parents – not bureaucrats – should have the ultimate authority over the education of their children rather than mandates from Washington and Austin. In the proclamation referenced by Ms. Button, I spoke out against federal mandates superseding the commonsense local decisions about how our children are educated. Without undue government interference, I want to free the teachers to teach and empower the parents to direct the education of their children.

  • In an incredibly shameful distortion, my opponent claims I supported a low income housing project tied to the Southwest Housing Scandal. As the citizens of Garland are well aware, Primrose at Crist is affordable Senior Living Apartments with an exemplary record and pristine grounds. There are no ties to the aforementioned scandal. In fact, Ms. Button is the only candidate in this race with a direct tie to the Southwest Housing Corruption Scandal which engulfed Dallas City Hall. Ms. Button donated to liberal Democrats State Rep. Terri Hodge and Dallas City Councilman Don Hill[3], both of whom are under indictment in this housing scandal! Yet, in one of the most brazenly dishonest smear campaigns in Dallas County history, she has attempted to tie me to the scandal.

  • In what must be one of the silliest campaign charges ever leveled, despite Ms. Button's mischaracterization of my home, I do not have a "bunker." Like many North Texans in "tornado alley," I have a storm shelter to protect my family. As an emergency communicator for the City of Garland holding an appointment from the Office of Emergency Management, I own communication equipment necessary to perform my duties.

  • All of these attacks are a desperate attempt to rescue Ms. Button's campaign which is sinking from the weight of her numerous contributions and decade of support for liberal Dallas County Democrats.[4] Rank and file Republicans are very disturbed about her record of working to defeat Sen. John Cornyn, Congressman Pete Sessions, and instead supporting Democrats Ron Kirk, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Sen. Royce West, Rep. Terri Hodge, and even former Hillary Clinton staffer Regina Montoya Coggins. Additionally, she has supported liberals on the Dallas City Council including Ed Oakley. Ms. Button has chosen to fund Democrats, yet spend over $200,000 to smear a conservative Republican.

My record on Garland City Council speaks for itself. I was honored to win re-election with 65% of the vote, generating one of the highest citizen turnouts ever. Furthermore, my peers on city council (including several of Ms. Button's supporters) elected me Mayor Pro-Tem of the 10th largest city in Texas.

After reading this letter, I hope you understand why it has become so difficult to find honest men and women willing to offer themselves up for public service. This episode has been extremely hurtful to my wife and to my daughters. Yet, we continue to push forward, trusting in the discernment of decent, ordinary citizens like you to see through these shameful tactics.

In the end, it is you – not Ms. Button and her backers – who decides whether or not truth wins out. You can put an end to the politics of personal destruction by refusing to become a victim of these attacks. Early voting begins on Monday, and Election Day is Tuesday, April 8th. I would be honored to have your prayers and support, and I ask that you give me the chance to restore your confidence in the integrity of our election process and then, your state government in Austin.

If you wish to volunteer or even make a small contribution, so that I may get this message out to voters, please visit My wife, Karen, and our four daughters thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your vote. Thank you and God Bless You.


Randy Dunning

Republican Candidate for State Representative

1 Randy Dunning is endorsed by:

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility/Empower Texans PAC

The Hon. State Sen. Bob Deuell

Conservative North Texas State Reps (all are Top 25 Fiscal Conservatives in the Texas Legislature):

The Hon. State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg

The Hon. State Rep. Jim Jackson

The Hon. State Rep. Ken Paxton

The Hon. State Rep. Betty Brown

The Hon. State Rep. Dan Flynn

The Hon. State Rep. Bryan Hughes

The Hon. State Rep. Phil King

The Hon. State Rep. Tan Parker

Texas Eagle Forum PAC President Cathie Adams

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey

Republican National Committeewoman for Texas Denise McNamara

Republican National Committeeman for Texas Bill Crocker

Former Republican Party of Texas Chairman Tom Pauken

Former Republican Party of Texas Vice Chairman David Barton

SREC SD 16 Committeewoman Chris Davis, Richardson, Precinct Chair, Pct. 1709

SREC SD 16 Committeeman Dan Pickens, Garland, Precinct Chair, Pct. 2108

SREC SD 23 Committeewoman Marjorie Winn Ford

Texas Right to Life PAC

Young Conservatives of Texas

Texas Home School Coalition

Hon. Rhea Allison, Richardson

Hon. Dennis Stewart, Richardson

Hon. Preston Edwards, Garland

Hon. Darren Lathen, Garland

Hon. Ron Jones, Garland

Joel Bailey, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1704

James Blake, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair Pct. 1723

Jim Cahill, Garland, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2117

Wanda Carter, Garland, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2116

Cathy Caten, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1708

Karen Clayton, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1716

Roger Cook, Garland, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2104

Larry Dacus, Garland, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2100

Eddie Dees, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1701

Greg Gregson, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1700

Yvonne Huff, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1703

Lucille Lasley, Garland, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2105

Jean McNeal, Garland, Former Garland Councilmember, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2119

Nathan Morgan, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1710

LuAnn Pehle, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1715,

John Peterson, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1712

Jay Pierce, Garland, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2107, Dallas County Precinct Chairman of the Year, 2005

Stephen Shuman, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1718

Bert Topper, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1713,

Dave Wange, Garland, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2016

Mark Woodson, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1705

Brian Marks, Richardson, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 1709

Danny Janes, Garland, Republican Precinct Chair, Pct. 2120

[2]Source: Texas Ethics Commission: Payments made by Angie Chen Button campaign for consulting time and expenses to Larry Jeffus on 11/06/2007 - $1805.10; 12/19/2007 - $13,719.59; 1/27/2008 - $5,012.97 ; 2/15/2008 - $7,227.14

[3]Sources: Texas Ethics Commission. Angie Chen Button donation to Democrat Terri Hodge in 2005 - $100. City of Dallas Campaign Finance Reports. Donation to Don Hill in 2005 - $250

[4]Sources: Texas Ethics Commission. Donation to Royce West in 2003 - $1,000. and www.Open Angie Chen Button donation to Democrat Ron Kirk in 2002 - $1,000; donation to Democrat Regina Montoya Coggins in 2000 - $1,000. donations to Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson: 2005 - $500, 2002 - $250, 2003 - $250, 2000 - $250, 1999 - $250, 1996 - $250. Source: City of Dallas Finance Reports. Donation to Ed Oakley in 2003 - $100

Political Advertising Paid for by Randy Dunning Campaign, reprinted by permision


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