Monday, February 22, 2010


OK, so I've been a bit slow on the pickup. Here are my endorsements for the 2010 primary in our precinct.

  • Governor:
    • Debra Medina, former Wharton County chairman, is a true grassroots Republican candidate. I will say that this is not a strong endorsement. Governor Perry and Senator Hutchison are good people, and I don't think that if either of them were to win the nomination that Texas would be headed in a wrong direction.
    • Rick Perry, Incumbent
    • Kay Bailey Hutchison
  • Railroad Commissioner:
    • Victor Carrillo, Incumbent, has the experience and dual background (in geology and law) to be an effective Railroad Commissioner. The Railroad Commission oversees the state's oil and gas industry. I haven't heard anything of him doing a bad job, and I'm inclined to keep experienced people who have a background in the specific office's responsibilities in office where there's not much control over budgets.
    • David Porter
  • Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3
    • Again, it looks like this is a can't-go-too-far-wrong race. I don't think I can make a strong endorsement in this one at all.
    • Rebecca Simmons, endorsed by the Dallas Morning News
    • Rick Strange
    • Rick Green
    • Jeff Brown
    • Debra Lehrmann
    • Jim Moseley, from Dallas with experience on the local Court of Appeals, with Bill Clements' endorsement, is my choice.
  • Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9
    • This one is another weak endorsement. Both candidates are good, and I think that more than anything, this race will probably be more of a referendum on what people think of Governor Perry than anything else.
    • Eva Guzman, appointed by Governor Perry last year, has my endorsement.
    • Rose Vela
  • Member, State Board of Education, District 12
    • Geraldine "Tincy" Miller has my endorsement. She is conservative and knows the issues that come before the SBOE.
    • George Clayton
  • District Clerk
    • Cliff Boyd has my endorsement. His opponent has no Republican history, while Cliff does.
    • Tammy Barnes
  • Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 2, Place No. 2
    • I'm still working on this endorsement.
    • Michael Windham
    • Tomi Johnson Shehan
    • Robert "Bob" Fuller
  • Constable, Precinct No. 2
    • Michael Gothard, Incumbent. He's not the one making the bad news for constables in Dallas County. I'll vote to keep him.
    • Ray Nichols
  • The propositions are there to gauge Republican support for various issues. I plan on voting for all of them, even though most are just "red meat" thrown at conservatives.


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