Saturday, August 8, 2009

Something Fishy in the Air

Apparently, the American people aren't singing the same tuna as the President and his desire for health care reform. Is the Swordfish of Damocles hanging over it? What will it take to get the Democrats to say, “To halibut!” and drop the idea of putting the government in charge of over 15% of the economy? A school of sturgeons testifying against it? It's a crappie scheme if you ask me. It smelts funny.

There are tales of Representatives and Senators being catfishy about who they're letting in their town halls. Are they quivering like jellyfish with regard to hearing their constituents? It looks like they'll let the people talk until they're bluefin in the face, all the while just sitting on their perch and say, “I cod listen to you, but instead I'll just huff and pufferfish about how something must be done, even if it's carp!” Looking at it from a different anglerfish, what are they afraid of? Large groupers of conservatives snappering at them? Sure, they can stand up in front of a friendly crowd, but they look like a clownfish if they keep the “wrong” people out.

The reports of sharks are also out there. I've been herring of people getting beaten up. Salmon the President's side definitely don't like fighting fair. They've trouted out reports of people expressing their opinions as “mobs.” They're not barking like dogfish. I highly doubt the majority are giving the fingerfish either. They'd be as gentle as goldfish if you listen. But of course things get orange roughy when people are ignored and shut out of the process.

Can we make them feel the stingray of poor decisions at election time? 2010 feels like a long way off, but I'm not seahorsing around. Shine the lamprey of exposure on their tactics. Shout with all the strength of your lungfish to tell your friends. Light a fusilier under your Representative and Senator. Let them know that you've haddock up to here and won't take it anymore. Don't flounder around. Get up and get flyingfish! Be a roaring lionfish. Keep gar-ing after them tilapia they listen.


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