Thursday, July 24, 2008

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less!

Let's go over this again.

Raise demand, keep the supply the same, and the price goes up.

Keep demand the same, lower the supply, and the price goes up.

This is where we're at. To lower the supply, either demand has to go down or supply has to go up. You can see some of the results of decreasing demand at the pump, but to really get the price down, increase the supply. The way to do that? Drill. Produce more energy here. Nuclear, petroleum, coal, wind, solar. Do it in an economical way and the price will come down.

The Democrats want to block everything except wind and solar (and they'll even block those when they interrupt their views). Wind and solar aren't bad, but the economics don't work out--both are diffuse, and getting the energy from where it can be generated to where it can be used is expensive (as in, several billion to get it from west Texas to here). What happens when demand goes up but supply stays the same? See above.

The Republicans want to produce our domestic energy. Oil wells aren't bad. My dad has a couple on his property, and the cows graze right up next to them, and you can plow within fifty feet (there's enough underground works that you don't want to go RIGHT up against them).

Let's see what happens in Congress. Will they allow drilling on the outer continental shelf, or no?


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