Monday, June 16, 2008

Appreciation for President Bush

The Diplomad is a conservative "secret agent" working for truth, justice, and the American Way inside the State Department. He appreciates the things that President Bush has done. Here is the key paragraph:

Mark my words, he will be judged as a very good, perhaps even as a great President within a few years. He has brought freedom to millions of persons around the globe, removed two of the most vicious regimes on the planet (i.e., Saddam and the Taliban), boxed in the North Korean loons, promoted free trade and democracy throughout the Americas with remarkable success, and with his anti-malaria programs saved the lives of perhaps millions of Africans. Israel has had no better friend than George Bush; tens-of-thousands of Indonesians, Sri Lankans and Thai are alive thanks to his quick response to the tsunami. He stood up to the terrorists and has whacked them in ways they could never have imagined when they sat in their fetid caves plotting the September 11 atrocity. He has changed the world for the better. He is a great man and a great leader.


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