Friday, May 30, 2008

Health Insurance Reform

There are still new ideas going through the Republican Party. In Florida, Governor Charlie Crist recently scored a victory when the state Legislature approved some health insurance reforms that go in the opposite direction from what lots of people are thinking. If you get health insurance today, in a lot of places, the minimum policy you could purchase would cover everything from regular doctor visits to chiropractic care to acupuncture to the ER. The reform in Florida would de-package all the different types of coverage. Don't believe in chiropractic? Then don't order it. Don't have any allergies for which you need shots? Then why pay for that coverage? According to the article, this could reduce prices for a policy to $150/month or less. That could definitely work to expand coverage to people who can't afford it now.

More ideas like this--where the government gets out of the way rather than throwing money at a problem--would be good for the economy, good for the country, and good for everyone.


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