Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Button 53.18%, Dunning 46.82%

What a brutal race. One candidate stuck to the truth, one fired up the rumor mill to denigrate the first.

The denigration unfortunately worked. With "polls" that my friends told me about inaccurately describing Randy's storm shelter and radio ads (and TV ads too, I understand, but I don't take cable) that implied a lot of incorrect information about Randy's history, as of March 31, he was outspent $311,874.53 to $29,172.55, or 10.69 to 1. How'd that go? Her vote ratio was 3,103 to 2,732, or only 1.14 to 1. For each vote she got, she spent $100.51. He spent only $10.68 for each vote. He was outspent, plain and simple.

I don't know how well-known she was beforehand. I had never heard of her before this race. I have had the privilege of working with Randy before he was on the Garland City Council. Of course, I never heard of Jeb Hensarling before he ran for Congress in CD 5, but he turned out OK. She was serving Garland on the DART board (still is) when the City Charter says that to run, she needs to resign. But she didn't. As I understand it, she said she represented the region, not the city (though they happen to be coterminous), and as such, her position wasn't covered under the charter.

She was endorsed by Florence Shapiro and John Carona. They come from the "Country Club" wing of the Party. Randy was from the grassroots, and was endorsed by the grassroots. What happened is that he was doing his best fighting a ground war, but she could fight an air war against him.

She even had poll watchers there. I haven't ever worked with a poll watcher before. I have no idea why she felt she needed a poll watcher present all day.

At any rate, what else is there to say? The voters in the Texas Republican Party of House District 112 didn't vote for Randy. We get the representation we deserve.

May God use this for His glory.


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